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Company profile

Company profile

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      Changsha Changjing Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized enterprise, specialized in the manufacturing of copper-plated carbon rods. We focus on manufacturing the medium and high-end products. Under the leadership of Hunan Changyu Group, we develop the high-effective copper-plated carbon rods, together with our brother company Hunan Changning Carbon Rods Co., Ltd. 
      The Electrical Resistance of our high-end products is controlled within 14 μΩm. 
After Copper plating, our carbon rods can adapt to the planing operation in high current status, effectively improving the work efficiency of our users.
      Our main products include: ordinary DC round copper-plated carbon rods, DC connected copper-plated carbon rods, ordinary DC rectangular copper-plated carbon rods, DC hollow copper-plated carbon rods, DC striped copper-plated carbon rods, ordinary AC round copper-plated carbon rods, DC semi-circular copper-plated carbon rods etc.
Our present annual production capacity is 3000 tons. In the next three years, our annual production capacity is expected to reach 5000 tons.
      Hunan Changyu Group:
      Hunan Changyu Technology Development Co., Ltd.: specialized in the production of isostatic pressing graphite materials.
      Hunan Changning Carbon Rods Co., Ltd: specialized in the production of carbon rods for battery and carbon rods for copper plating using.
      Changsha Chang Jing Carbon Technology Co., Ltd.: specialized in the production of copper plated carbon rods.
      Chenzhou Lu Tong Chang Yu Graphite Carbon Co., Ltd.: professional graphite powder processing.
      Zhuzhou Changyu Graphite Carbon Co., Ltd.: graphitization and purification of professional carbon materials.